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Connection is vital for working as a team: connecting not only with the company’s vision and goals, but also with each other, as a team, as you work together to achieve these goals.

Making music as a group requires listening, focus and confident communication.

Our team and self-development workshops use playful expression and creativity to support and grow team members as individuals and as a whole. Whether it is improving communication, working through challenges or de-stressing after a difficult period, workshops are tailor-made to meet your team’s needs. From a minimum of 1 hour to a full-day itinerary, these workshops include Djembe drumming, song-writing, reflection and art activities.


Music and the arts in the general are a wonderful tool to use with young people as most connect easily to and through these mediums. Perhaps your school is looking to do some leadership training with your prefect body or would like some creative ways to tackle challenging issues such as teenage identity formation or bullying.

Everyone knows that teachers are under tremendous stress and many don’t have a good outlet. We will custom design workshops to fit your specific needs in any range of contexts within the school setup.


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